Six Wedding Picture Editing Tips to Make the Photos Stand Out

If you are in the photography business providing wedding picture editing services to your clients, then it is important that you should know how to edit photos by following the latest methodologies. While there are innumerable tricks that you can do with Photoshop or Lightroom to an image, there are few that you can master quickly to give a professional look to your photos faster. In this article, we will share with you six such steps that will improve your image processing workflow considerably.

6 tips that wedding picture editing services should follow:

1) Get your own custom-designed LR/PS presets: If you want to speed up the photo imaging process, then the best thing to do is download Lightroom or Photoshop presets. There are innumerable plug-ins available online (both free as well as paid). These presets allow you to add a different color combination to your photos with a single click. These plug-ins can change an existing photo to soft black-and-white, a Matte effect or any other that will completely change the mood of the photo. You can also design your own presets so that it will showcase the color, tint or shadow indicators that you want to put in your photos.

2) Correct the contrast to make the image pop out: If you provide wedding picture editing services, then it is important that you should know how to adjust the contrast. It is very important to ensure that the colors pop out in the photos, making them look beautiful. If you find the entire process of adjusting the sliders to get the right color contrast tedious, then you can either use the presets or use the auto button. The new auto mode in the Lightroom uses AI to automatically fine-tune the exposure, the contrast, the black levels and colors which is very near the way professionals would do (but after a lot of efforts).

3) Make shortcuts to improve the workflow speed: If you offer wedding picture editing services, then you should use shortcuts for those actions that you do repeatedly. Shortcuts will allow you to work faster on a number of photos on the editing software. Some of these shortcuts could be related to undo, zoom, hand tool access, default foreground or background colors, brush size, opacity level, full-screen mode, layer mask overlay, hundred per cent view and so on. These actions are repeated several times while editing photos. Therefore, it makes sense to have shortcuts for these actions so that you don’t have to click different menus to get the right action that you require.

4) Use the de-haze tool: One of the fastest ways to clear the image of any smoke or haze to get more clarity is to use the de-haze tool. This single button can significantly bring out the clarity of the photo.

5) Use the blurring effect to bring focus to your subject: If you are taking portrait photos, then you should blur the background. This will allow the focus of the viewer to be on the subject instead of the surroundings. While you can do it while taking the photos by taking bigger aperture size. However, if you are not satisfied with the result of the photo, then Photoshop gives you the option to blur the background digitally to give the portrait a beautiful bokeh effect.

6) Crop the image: Composition of the photo is very important to make it attractive. Photoshop and Lightroom give you the option to crop a photo following different rules of composition like the rule of thirds or golden ratio.

Conclusion: Photo editing is a very specialized skill that can completely transform your photo. To know more about it and to hire our services, you should contact us at +1847-656-5000 or visit our website

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